As we start preparing for an impactful workshop in Zurich, I thought it might be interesting to read a few books in the months leading up to June and then discuss the takeaways at the workshop.

The idea is this: With the input of Zurich Project members, we select six books — one for each month from January through June. The books, in one way or another, advance the mission of “building a great investment firm”. They can address topics such as scaling a business, hiring great people, building a brand, creating an in-bound marketing strategy, reaching our own full potential (e.g., stoicism, meditation), etc.

We have received some great input for the budding Zurich Project Book Club already. The selection for January is Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds, by Carmine Gallo. Special thanks to Thomas Karlovits for this terrific suggestion. Thomas has generously agreed to lead a discussion on key takeaways from the book at the workshop in June. The book has helped Thomas shape the marketing story — here’s a preview:

Snapshot of Talk Like TED, courtesy of “Ideas are the currency of the twenty-first century. In order to succeed, you need to be able to sell your ideas persuasively. This ability is the single greatest skill that will help you accomplish your dreams. TED Talks have redefined the elements of a successful presentation and become the gold standard for public speaking. TED―which stands for technology, entertainment, and design―brings together the world’s leading thinkers. These are the presentations that set the world on fire, and the techniques that top TED speakers use will make any presentation more dynamic, fire up any team, and give anyone the confidence to overcome their fear of public speaking. Public speaking coach and bestselling author Carmine Gallo has broken down hundreds of TED talks and interviewed the most popular TED presenters, as well as the top researchers in the fields of psychology, communications, and neuroscience to reveal the nine secrets of all successful TED presentations. Gallo’s step-by-step method makes it possible for anyone to deliver a presentation that is engaging, persuasive, and memorable.”

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