Just a few years ago, Walmart was a company we liked very much and I even used its historic results in my book as an example of combined stability and high returns on capital. Things change all the time, however, and as we were progressively confronted with new facts all we could do was to adjust our opinion. In its domestic market, Walmart faces a growing risk from the “non-profit” organisation known as Amazon.com as well as the not yet large but very quickly growing German threat of Aldi. The lesson Aldi and Lidl taught Tesco on the UK market remains fresh in our minds, and we realize that even a seemingly unassailable market position cannot be taken for granted forever. Having also factored in Walmart’s troubles on some foreign markets, we decided to sell these shares. Our gain on Walmart was 47%.


Note: The above commentary is taken from the recent Vltava Fund Letter to Shareholders.

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