Few contemporary investing titles have received as much praise as William Thorndike’s The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success:

“An outstanding book about CEOs who excelled at capital allocation.” – Warren Buffett

“Will Thorndike provides management principles that are as rock solid as they are rare and shares the engaging stories of eight CEOs who lived by them. The ideas in this book provide both executives and investors with the North Star of value. Follow it and prosper.” – Michael J. Mauboussin

“The Outsiders celebrates leaders who kept their firms focused, rewarded their management despite long periods of inactivity, and—by keeping their companies out of trouble—found themselves free to pounce when compelling opportunities arose. A highly effective playbook for excellence.” – Thomas A. Russo

“The Outsiders is a must-read for leaders—and aspiring leaders—striving to become exceptional CEOs, and for investors interested in partnering with exceptional stewards of corporate capital.” – Mason Hawkins

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