Many years ago, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with Tony Nicely and Warren Buffett, and among other lessons, came away with the following two insights:

Tony Nicely (full notes) —

He has four rules that he recommends for everyone to follow:

  1. Never be questioned for lack of integrity or poor intentions.
  2. Work harder than anyone else (Take pride in being the best).
  3. Teamwork and people are important in moving up in your career.
  4. Be lucky. (Tony considers himself to have been extremely lucky in his career and life.)

Warren Buffett (full notes) —

[He] got a lot out of business school, but it is not a requirement for success in business.  He admires professors who inspire their students.  Business school students make friends for life among their classmates.  If you know who the heroes of young people are, you can predict who will be successful.  The earlier someone starts a business (e.g., a lemonade stand, newspaper route, or invests in the stock market), the more successful he/she is likely to be.


The ‘trek to Omaha’ tradition continues, eleven years after our inaugural Omaha visit, thanks to Professor Kass’ dedication to his students and to intelligent investing:


Far Left: Professor Kass (November 18, 2016 – notes here)

As such, this diary update is really not about Mr. Nicely or Mr. Buffett.  It’s about Professor David Kass (biowebsite, articles and notes) and saying thank you.

Even if Professor Kass is too humble to accept the spotlight, I want to step back for a moment to express my wholehearted gratitude for being such a wonderful educator — and inspiration.