Gurgaon riots

The cancellation of a dinner scheduled to take place in Gurgaon (New Delhi) serves as a stark reminder of the volatile political situation in many parts of the world. Imagine scheduling a dinner with a dozen fellow value investors in a Western city, only to have to cancel because the army was called in to put down a riot, resulting in the loss of human life. Surreal.

Yet, in countries like India, such a scenario is still not only a possibility but a reality. Writes Sourabh Soni, organizer of the value investor dinner in New Delhi:

…we are cancelling this event for tonight due to unavoidable­ circumstanc­es (riots on the way from Chandigarh to New Delhi). I will publish the meetup for next weekend. Sorry for [the] inconvenien­ce caused due to this cancellatio­n. Regards, Sourabh

Sourabh followed up with the following message to me:

I have to cancel today’s dinner at New Delhi, because of riots… All buses and trains got cancelled. Army was deployed to calm down the situation, I think people got killed also. It is [a] protest against [the] reservation system. I will reorganize it next Saturday.

The #valueinvestors Meetup group has grown to hundreds of value investors in just a few months, and meetups are being organized by members all around the world. The MIT Investment Management Company recently hosted a dinner for a dozen fellow value investors in Mumbai.

In our zeal to meet fellow investors, learn, and share, we often forget just how fragile the world really is. This makes our engagement and our community even more important: We try to provide a space for learning and personal growth, no matter where you reside or what regime you live under. We believe that each human being has the capacity for greatness, and we are proud to contribute in a very small way to uplifting individuals, even if their own governments have failed them.

The world is unlikely to become less volatile and less dangerous any time soon.

We will keep uniting people around a positive mission of lifelong learning, personal growth, friendship, and respect.