I stopped by Guy Spier’s office in Zurich this morning and had a great time, as always.

One of the advantages of living in a city like Zurich — as opposed to New York — is that it’s much easier to meet great investors or entrepreneurs informally and develop a friendship. I had met Guy in New York, but in such a huge city, attention gets diluted and many new business relationships remain superficial. I feel privileged to have become friends with Guy in Zurich, and it’s always a real pleasure to drop by his office on short notice.

When I arrived this morning, Guy was in an “experimenting with online technology” mood. We decided to do a live stream on YouTube and on Periscope at the same time. A bunch of you joined and asked questions. Here are some of Guy’s insights.

Guy’s Answer on Investment Idea Generation and Valeant (VRX)

Guy’s Advice for People with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Guy’s Latest Thoughts on Horsehead Holdings (ZINC)


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