Michael van Biema and Allen Benello, co-authors of the forthcoming book Concentrated Investing, will give a talk at NYSSA on Monday, June 6.

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Here is the description from the NYSSA website:

In their forthcoming book, CONCENTRATED INVESTING: The Strategies of the World’s Greatest Concentrated Investors (Wiley, April 25, 2016), the team of Allen Benello, Michael van Biema, and Toby Carlisle chronicle the virtually unknown—but wildly successful—value investors who have regularly and spectacularly blown away the results of even the world’s top fund managers. They unveil the strategies of these investors that make this approach incredibly profitable, while at the same time showing how to mitigate risk over time. Highlighting the history and approaches of top value investors, the authors tell the fascinating story of the investors who dare to tread where few others have, and the wildly-successful track records that have resulted.

CONCENTRATED INVESTING presents a “who’s who” in the concentrated value investing world, each with their own unique story, skillset, and philosophies that have gained them tremendous wealth and accomplishment while flying below the radar—until now. Benello, van Biema, and Carlisle take readers inside the ledgers and playbooks of this select group of history’s elite value investors to uncover their secrets for the new generation of wealth builders.

A crafted collection of illuminating profiles, it gives readers the inspiration and technical insight to look at managing their assets with a value-investor’s eye. Readers will discover the success of Lou Simpson, a former GEICO investment manager and eventual successor to Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway. They will learn about Kristian Siem, described as “Norway’s Warren Buffett,” and the success he has had at Siem Industries. They will hear about John Maynard Keynes, who, while revolutionizing economic thought in the Twentieth Century was revolutionizing the investment returns of the endowment of his alma mater, Cambridge University. Through their stories, the authors show any investor can apply the lessons they can learn from these role models.