My colleague Shai Dardashti sat down recently with fellow value investor and ValueConferences instructor James Roumell, President and Lead Portfolio Manager of Roumell Asset Management in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Jim has been a terrific contributor and mentor to the global value investing community.

In the following excerpt, Jim shares some thoughts on investing and life. He talks about how a year spent in India as a young man changed him forever. The lesson that “life is not fair” has stuck with him ever since.

I found something Jim says in the following video particularly thought-provoking: “Pressure is a privilege”.

We usually think of pressure and stress as negatives. However, “pressure” means we are still alive, we are still in the game, we are still fighting for something. In that context, “pressure” really is a privilege, as is every day during which we get to pursue our goals and work toward our dreams.