This coming June, I’ll have the pleasure of hosting The Zurich Project Workshop 2017. The group of investment managers and capital allocators who will come together in my hometown to share best practices is truly impressive. Hence the idea to try to pack some of their wisdom and insights into a podcast.

The conversations tackle topics of relevance to anyone running an investment firm or considering such an endeavor.

I’m pleased to share with you the inaugural episode of The Zurich Project Podcast. In the conversation, Daniel Gladis, member of The Zurich Project and portfolio manager of Vltava Fund, explains why having the right type of investors is a necessity for long-term survival and success in investment management. The decision which investors to target/accept/reject impacts not only the stability of a fund but also the long-term pleasure of doing business. We also discuss how to communicate with existing and prospective clients.

Daniel is based in the Czech Republic and has built an impressive long-term investment track record.

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