Our use of LEAPs1 provides us the ability to purchase the underlying security at a future date in time for a specified price. When uncertainty prevails or prices drop, we find opportunities to provide insurance on stock that we wish to own. This is distinctly different from most uses of these products. Instead of trading for short-term gains, we receive immediate cash in the form of premiums and hold the contracts for the long-term with the desire to purchase the undervalued equity far in the future.

Simply stated, our cost of stock is reduced via the following:

Net Cost of Stock = Commitment Price Paid – Premium Received

Although this provides a long-term advantage, similar to warrants, prices will be volatile in the short-term. An equity price move during an event like Brexit is magnified in our LEAPs contracts. Although we must endure short-term swings, it will ultimately prove advantageous to our portfolio. We continue to hold these contacts as a multiyear tool to purchase equity.

[us_separator]1Long Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPs) exchange traded through the Chicago Board of Exchange provide the holder the right to buy or sell associated equity to their counterparty at a predetermined price in the future.

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