I’m just returning from a full day at our Manhattan broadcast studio and excited to reflect on what’s been a wisdom packed Day 2 of Best Ideas 2017. Many thanks to John Mihaljevic for co-hosting (from Zurich) and even greater gratitude to the 44 handpicked intelligent investors whose so generously shared top ideas with our global community.  Similar to yesterday’s series, this will be a multi-part collection.

How to improve on a full day packed with well-researched and well-articulated investment ideas? To do it all over again, of course!

One of the greatest highlights of Best Ideas 2017, for me, was welcoming John Lewis, founder of Osmium Partners, to the online summit.

Prior to joining ValueConferences / The Manual of Ideas / Latticework (I switch hats depending on the moment — more on that, later…) I worked directly for John Lewis, as a member of the Osmium family.  While the quality of Osmium’s work is well-known in the industry, John Lewis stands out to me in the way he respects his colleagues and investors.

I’m thrilled our brand is associated with his organization and delighted John Lewis is a proud member of The Manual of Ideas.  While I’m extremely biased, I loved the three ideas he shared.

The video below explores one of the opportunities John generously shared with our Best Ideas 2017 online conference community.  The other two are reserved for conference participants only, and the “Non-Participant Partial Replay” does not include the extensive Q&A session.

Wearing my multiple hats, as described earlier in this reflection — Latticework is all about open and broad sharing of intelligent investing wisdom, while the ValueConferences platform strives to deliver the greatest value-add possible to online conference participants.   I hope the above strikes an appropriate balance.

…to be continued!