It’s been a noticeably slower than normal at Latticework Diary, only since it’s been meaningfully busier than usual behind the scenes.  I am proud to share two key milestones:

  • Yesterday: I completed interview #90 (!) on behalf of members of The Manual of Ideas.   Our content library is increasingly deep and rich; highlights will be shared, with increasing frequency, here at Latticework Diary.
  • Exactly one week ago: I enjoyed an extraordinarily wisdom-packed conversation with Edgar Wachenheim III in the Purchase, New York office of Greenhaven Associates.  I highly recommend Common Stocks and Common Sense as the excerpt below speaks for itself:

Author Edgar Wachenheim is the 28-year CEO of Greenhaven Associates, boasting an average annual portfolio comparable to Warren Buffett’s. In this book, he shares his knowledge and experiences by providing detailed analyses of actual investments made by himself and other investors. The discussion covers the entire investment process, including the softer, human side, with candid insight into the joys and frustrations, intensities and pressures, and risks and uncertainties. The unique emphasis on behavioral economics and real-world cases set this book apart from the herd—but it’s Wachenheim himself and his deeply-examined perspective that elevates the book beyond a mere investing guide.  


Between 1990 and 2014, a typical portfolio managed by Wachenheim enjoyed an average annual return in excess of 18%, achieved using relatively conservative stocks and no financial leverage. As a proponent of evidence and example, his analysis of real cases serve as a valuable education for anyone looking to improve their own investment practices.

Looking ahead, The Zurich Project Workshop will be taking place in less than a week.  As part of my prepared comments…I prepared a silent film:

The next reports will be direct from Zürich, as flying out shortly!