A good friend and member of The Manual of Ideas has been quietly building a fascinating blog while also having a day job and an impressive career in finance. He runs the blog anonymously for obvious reasons, but that has not stopped him from sharing some great advice for those looking to improve their lot in business and life.

Why is this relevant? Because the author is a living example of what he teaches. He was born in Asia, got a job on Wall Street in 1999, and became a managing director at arguably Wall Street’s foremost investment bank at the age of 34. In his role, he met, advised, and gained the trust of numerous billionaires, learning not only what it takes to build a high-powered network but also how billionaires think and act. He also happens to be an avid value investor.

Enjoy a couple of his recent posts:

Your Biggest Enemy

What It Takes to Succeed

We are delighted to welcome the driving force behind “What I Learnt on Wall Street” at The Zurich Project Workshop in June. He will conduct an in-depth session on reaching your full potential in business and life. Obviously, it will be difficult for him to remain anonymous to members of The Zurich Project!